Adil Bikarbass, Technical Director

Adil Bikarbass, a senior information technology specialist at Morocco Trade and Development Services (MTDS), has extensive experience in designing and implementing appropriate and secure networking solutions for a wide variety of private, public, and civil society organizations throughout the African continent. Equally at ease in the air conditioned network operating centers of the largest and most sophisticated networks in the continent’s capitals and in rural secondary cities where electricity and telephones do not yet exist, Mr. Bikarbass is able to adapt network technologies to the needs and capacity of specific projects.

Beginning his career at one of the first Moroccan Internet Service Providers in 1996, Mr. Bikarbass has been intimately involved in the development of the Moroccan telecom revolution which coincided with the global Internet boom.

As Technical Director of MTDS, Mr. Bikarbass manages a team which provides IT consulting services and runs Morocco's first private Internet Service Provider.
In addition to his technical ability, Mr. Bikarbass has extensive experience in technology transfer so critical to long term project success.

As a key member of USAID’s Leland Initiative, Mr. Bikarbass was part of a team which designed, installed, and maintained the primary Internet gateways in over 12 African countries. He is a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker.