Web communication

MTDS intervenes all along the chain of web communication (design, production, training, referencing). Our team supplies integrated solutions that include web hosting and maintenance. MTDS specializes in web communication strategies for the development sector. Many of our clients are NGOs as well as national and international development assistance organizations whom we support to reinforce their communication strategies including offering assistance on how to use ICT tools - websites, online discussion forums, newsletters, email diffusion lists, and databases - to reinforce the visibility of the organization and reinforce its impact in the areas of advocacy, knowledge sharing and coalition building. MTDS web developers use sustainable and cost effective technologies, favoring Open Source technology in our web applications.

Open applications

The rise of free and Open Source Software (low cost or free of charge, open for adaptation and further development) represents a unique opportunity for developing countries. MTDS supports the use and distribution of such solutions; sustainable and cost effective, through advocacy initiatives, training workshops, in user-friendly applications for non-profit organizations. We build and deploy tools and web services that help them to communicate and collaborate with their communities (board, staff, partners), to constituent data and reports, or to share strategic information with the public, funders, and other organizations.

New media

Web 2.0 technologies are using the internet to leap over traditional barriers of cost, censorship, licensing and technical know how to put the transformational power of the media in the hands of everyday citizens. Based on the seamless integration of audio and audio visual formats, online tools for collaboration and decentralized contenundefinedt management, Web 2.0 offers internet users the opportunity to become content producers and is giving birth to a new generation of community media. Community media is a means of sharing information generated at the grassroots in languages and formats that communicate to local communities. Used strategically, it can challenge traditional power structures, support social mobilization for important causes and ultimately contribute to more open and democratic societies. MTDS is supporting this change by piloting our own web media projects and by offering its services for the development of online platforms, training and support for strategic planning to our clients.


The web and related ICT technologies have made access to knowledge more fluid and easy at less cost. New modes of learning are emerging. Among them, online learning platforms are enabling knowledge transmission across vast distances in interactive and dynamic ways. Online libraries of training manuals and guides facilitate resource sharing and the capitalization of good practices. Where internet connectivity is still scarce, multimedia learning modules on CD-ROM support local organizations to offer quality learning resources to their constituency in attractive, user-friendly formats. Successful e-learning requires expertise and know how in order to be relevant and overcome the loss of human contact of traditional training and motivate learners. MTDS has initiated multiple e-learning systems and maintains a roster of experts in instructional design for e-learning.

IT networks

MTDS designs, builds and maintains enterprise-class networks for leading companies and institutions, including financial and educational institutions, government offices, businesses, and non-profits. Certified partnerships with leading technology suppliers assure up-to-date technology, low prices, and the best support. A few of our areas of expertise include: network security, network monitoring and maintenance, routing and switching, wireless solutions, messaging systems, and VPN management.