The beginning

In the 90’s when Internet began transforming communications and economies worldwide, MTDS was at the forefront of establishing Internet access in Africa and promoting free market competition within the Internet services sector. MTDS engineers were essential to the inauguration of eight Internet Gateways in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1997-2002 financed by the US Government sponsored Leland Initiative , a five-year and $15 million effort to extend full Internet connectivity to twenty-one African countries.

A web 2.0 world

Recently, the company has focused its expertise on applying technology based solutions to social challenges including improving the quality and relevance of education, promoting knowledge sharing among civil society organizations, raising awareness on human rights via innovative multimedia content and using online training solutions to update institutional partners’ skills. MTDS has demonstrated a unique expertise in applying the latest Web 2.0 applications (participative content management systems, online diffusion lists, web forums, blogs and podcasts) for civic education, youth empowerment and civil society strengthening.

First class services

MTDS has a solid reputation for delivering first class technical services that respect international norms and standards (Internet access, computer hardware, network solutions, web development, hosting, and multimedia content development) combined with results-oriented human development and change management strategies. MTDS uses participatory project planning techniques to design and deliver relevant services in partnership with local organizations. It develops technology solutions that are grounded in a careful consideration of its partner’s needs and capacity.

A multi-skilled team

Our ICT4D managers are experienced in responding to the requirements of large international donor organizations while maintaining active networks of local development partners. MTDS employees form a multicultural team that includes talented trainers and local development experts who are aware of the importance of developing local capacity and supporting grassroots initiatives. It believes that the key to sustainable solutions and long term returns on development investments lies in empowering local partners.

A network of expertise

Over the years, MTDS has built a strong network of local and international consultants who, as required, lend their support to projects that we care for. In Morocco and throughout the world, MTDS is able to mobilize talented professionals, recognized for their expertise and experience in development projects. In all areas where the use of information technology can be decisive, MTDS has a network of qualified and experienced personnel, ready to get to work to the best of their ability.

A tracking experience

MTDS clients include many prominent companies, numerous public and academic institutions as well as many local and international organizations in the development sector. MTDS has partnered with leading American consulting firms and non profits on donor funded development projects. Its clients include the Academy for Educational Development (AED), Development Alternatives International (DAI), Chemonics , MSI , and the Research Triangle Institute and others. In addition it has contracted directly with US and international donor organizations including MEPI , USAID , the World Bank , ILO , UNDP and UNESCO .