MTDS employees form a multicultural team that combine the best of Moroccan, American, European and African values and know how to meet a wide variety of clients’ and development partners’ needs. Please find below a brief selection of key MTDS profiles involved in ICT for Development projects.


Karl Stanzick, MTDS managing director

Karl has worked to bridge the Digital Divide since he finished his Peace Corps service in sub-Saharan Africa in 1993. Working in Africa for 15 years has allowed him to understand the needs and appropriateness of information technology integration with developmental goals.


Sandy Wark, ICT4D team leader

Sandy has extensive background in local development programs and in particular civil society development and education. She has consulted in Macedonia, Rwanda, Tunisia, Haiti, Guinea, Mali, Indonesia, Madagascar and the Philippines.


Oussama Benhmida, Web manager

Oussama carries out the coordination and execution of all our Web projects. He works with directly with our partners to design sites, supports technical development and supervises the integration of content. He also provides assistance in managing the sites.


Khaddouj Benkhadra, New media manager

Khaddouj coordinates our New Media activity. She also supervises the production process of multimedia content. She is responsible portals (education community) and (youth employment).


Salma Daki, Multmedia content manager

Salma carries out the production of multimedia content (text, audio, video) for all of ICT4D projects. She also plays an active role in leading the portals and (moderation, exchanges and participation of Internet users).


Balobo Maïga, Hardware manager

Balobo analyses the needs of our partners in terms of equipment, infrastructure and hardware solutions. As such, he liaises and links with other all other departments of MTDS. He finally has specific expertise in web hosting (connection, capacity, safety).


Ilhame Achoual, Open applications manager

Ilhame develops software applications specifically designed for our partners. She defines the requirements, evaluates technical options and designs information systems (applications, databases) that can meet specific expectations.


Houssam Bouzidi, Project manager INTEL for Education

Houssam coordinates a training program for teachers in Morocco, with the Ministry of Education (GENIE program). This program is sponsored by Intel to increase the use of ICT in classrooms to improve the quality of education in Morocco.


Aïcha Amjad, Hosting & domain names

Aïcha carries out the installation of the web hosting solutions offered by MTDS. She is also in charge of operations relating to the distribution of domain names and provides technical support to all ICT4D activities.