MTDS New Messaging System

MTDS is pleased to announce the launch of its new messaging solution. Among the first to deliver the email service in the Kingdom in 1993, MTDS has continued to offer innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and continues to improve these solutions.  Today we have implemented a business-oriented messaging solution, based on groupware software that offers all of the latest technologies available today and tomorrow.
Email Services

With its new high-performance physical platforms, the new messaging solution will allow you to send and receive emails faster than before with better management of bounced emails.  In addition to POP3 you can now use IMAP to communicate with our servers.
Security has always been one of our main concerns, therefore in addition to allowing clients to configure some security parameters of their mailbox, we now offer the possibility for clients to choose to retrieve their emails in encrypted mode (SSL) with the guarantee that all communications between them  and MTDS are encrypted.
Full administration of your email boxes online.

For Small and Medium Business needs MTDS can manage your email remotely with an ease of use never meet before on the Moroccan market. In fact, with our new messaging solution, you can manage your corporate email as if the solution were hosted within your company with ZERO technical management. Thus, creating mailbox, changing accounts, changing password, quota management, creation of aliases, mailing list ...) can be done in one click by anyone with the necessary credentials in your company.
New Webmail
Wherever you are in the world, you just need a browser to access your email through to our webmail. Stylish and practical, our new Webmail developed with the latest generation of development tools, allows use of email as easy as the most advanced email clients currently available such as Outlook, Thunderbird ...
Collaboration Tool for Businesses

The collaborative messaging has become in recent years the most important means of communication for Business Companies. Therefore they are very attentive to it and require a level of features and services that combine high quality, reliability, availability, security and mobility. MTDS puts at your disposal this great opportunity of his new messaging solution. Intra-company communication, meeting, shared calendar you have the power of groupeware to better serve your business.
  • Sharing of resources (contacts, calendar, tasks ...)
  • Managing Groups
  • Mailing Lists
  • Coordination of meetings
  • Global Contacts