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Digitizing the employment council

As part of the capacity building of the staff of the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC) and in collaboration with GIZ, MTDS organized training workshops on the use of technological tools as well as the use of social media in communication.

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MTDS on the cutting edge of network security

MTDS was represented by Its Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Adil Bikarbass, at the annual IT Security Conference organized by Sophos and  held this year in Dubrovnik, Croatia between the  17th and 19th of September.

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Image of virtual bitcoins stacked on USD paper currency

Bitcoin – Clarifications

MTDS, a Moroccan SARL specializing in information technology, Internet, network security, and international development would like to clarify the statements made in the press recently about accepting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a “legal tender”.

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Malware Alert – Ransomware cryptolocker WannaCry

Over the last few days, several thousand networks and devices around the world have been infected by an unprecedented wave of ransomware with the name WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, and WCrypt.

This malware is transmitted over the computer network and the Internet mainly via emails containing contaminated attachments or links to malicious sites.  WannaCry will attempt to encrypt your data and demand a 300USD deposit of bitcoin into the criminals account.  To minimize the risk of contamination, MTDS strongly recommends you follow these four important tips:

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