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Malware Alert – Ransomware cryptolocker WannaCry

These last days, several thousands of organizations around the world have been affected by an unprecedented wave of “Ransomware cryptolocker WannaCry” malware (also known as WannaCrypt, WCrypt, etc.).

This malware is transmitted over the computer network and the Internet mainly via emails containing contaminated attachments or links to malicious sites. To minimize the risk of contamination, MTDS suggests you follow these 4 important tips:

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Khaoula gets her Red Hat certification

Khaoula El Janati, our 23 year old systems administrator, is the second young woman at MTDS to receive the prestigious Red Hat certification.  This recognition and knowledge is being used to better serve MTDS’ datacenter customers, keep our network secure, and to grow and adapt to new services and challenges.  Bravo Khaoula!

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