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Malware Alert – Ransomware cryptolocker WannaCry

Over the last few days, several thousand networks and devices around the world have been infected by an unprecedented wave of ransomware with the name WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, and WCrypt.

This malware is transmitted over the computer network and the Internet mainly via emails containing contaminated attachments or links to malicious sites.  WannaCry will attempt to encrypt your data and demand a 300USD deposit of bitcoin into the criminals account.  To minimize the risk of contamination, MTDS strongly recommends you follow these four important tips:

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MTDS launches Morocco’s first Internet Exchange Point IXP

MTDS launches MARIX, the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Morocco.  Active since the end of 2016, this new infrastructure based in our data center allows our MTDS Internet and hosting customers to directly connect locally to all three licensed telecommunications networks.  Currently in Morocco, the three telecommunications networks are not interconnected meaning that national traffic between them is being passed through Europe.  This wastes international bandwidth, exposes Moroccan Internet users unnecessarily to eavesdropping at the European Internet exchange points, and generally makes the Moroccan Internet slower and less secure.  The MTDS network is connected to all three Moroccan networks and uses intelligent routing techniques to make sure that all traffic takes the quickest and the shortest route to its destination and Moroccan traffic stays in Morocco.  

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Khaoula certified Red Hat Linux

Khaoula certified on Red Hat Linux

Khaoula El Janati, our 23 year old systems administrator, is the second woman from MTDS to receive the prestigious Red Hat certification.  This recognition and knowledge is being used to better serve MTDS datacenter customers in Morocco, keep our network secure, and to grow and adapt to new services and challenges.  Bravo Khaoula!  All MTDS team members are continuously keeping themselves up to date to better serve our customers.

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Investing in Morocco

MTDS is supporting the Regional Investment Center of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, to research and upload comprehensive up-to-date requirements and instructions for creating or expanding businesses in Morocco. The dedicated website which can be consulted in many languages was designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD and is specifically oriented towards foreign investors to increase Morocco’s Foreign Direct Investment or FDI.

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