Network, computer equipment and connections. CATT PILOT (Computer Assisted Teacher Training - Local Innovation through Educational Technologies) is a project initiated by USAID and the Ministry of National Education of Morocco, with the objective of introducing Internet training for teachers. MTDS oversaw the equipment of the project training centers.



Strenghtening the capacity of 7 multimedia centres. MTDS supervised the strengthening of the capacity of 7 multimedia centers for teacher training; the work with teachers facilitated the use of ICT in Education (Technical Assistance and Training) and helped the design the first Moroccan portal dedicated to teachers:


AL JISR (2006)

Development of website. Al Jisr is an association offering Moroccan companies the chance to sponsor schools by funding edutainment. Its ambition is to involve the private sector in improving the quality of education. MTDS has worked with Al Jisr since its inception. See:



Website and online applications. The U.S. cultural center of Marrakech offers English classes and extracurricular activities for youth of all ages and levels. MTDS has facilitated the process of course registration by creating an automated application system linked to a user friendly, clearer and more dynamic site. See:


IEARN2009 (2008)

Development of event website. iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is an international network that brings together youth and educators worldwide for the use of ICT in education. MTDS partnered with MEARN todevelop the website for the 20th anniversary of iEARN . See:


USAID/ALEF (2004-2009)

Integration of ICT of quality education systems. MTDS delivered professional development program for the integration of ICT to strengthen teaching and learning in the classroom and to promote vibrant professional interaction. The teacher training curricula was officially approved by the Ministry of Education (GENIE ) for generalization. See:



Website and online resource centre. MTDS developed for the French embassy in Morocco (co-operation department ) the website Priority Solidarity Fund - Support to Reform of Higher Education in Morocco'(FSP-ARESM). This program supports the reform of Moroccan universities through dialogue with the French university network.


TARBIYA.MA (2005-2009)

Conception and design of a portal for the education community in Morocco. Initiated by Project ALEF of USAID , with support from Microsoft and UNESCO , is a community portal that stimulates the discussion and sharing of information between teachers, parents, experts and other education professionals to help improve the quality of education in Morocco. See:



Implementation of the e-learning device Under the Project ALEF of USAID , MTDS has supported the efforts of the National Center for Educational Innovation and Experimentation (CNIPE) of the Ministry of Education to implement a platform for learning (E-Learning) for teachers. See:


INTEL (2009-2010)

Programme support for Genie, making information technology available for teachers in Morocco. MTDS coordinates the adaptation and integration of training modules developed by Intel as part of the activities of the GENIE program . MTDS working in close consultation with the GENIE team defined a strategy for capacity building tailored to local circumstances. See: and