internet in morocco

MTDS is a full service value-added Internet Service Provider licensed by the Moroccan Telecommunications Regulator the ANRT and operating in Morocco since 1993. Our customers are companies, small businesses, associations and individuals who consider Internet communications an integral part of their businesses and lives. hey choose MTDS because of our extensive local experience, our quality of service, and our ability to deliver and maintain complete turn-key solutions.

We provide Internet connectivity solutions using ADSL broadband and dedicated leased line connections as well as legacy dial-up, ISDN, and VSAT connecttions.  Our Internet access solutions are available throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.

MTDS messaging solutions are protected by best-of-breed anti-virus and anti-spam technologies with the greatest care taken to keep your business information safe and available.

Dedicated machine, application, and web hosting are provided in our secure datacenter staffed by experienced engineers who take your calls and provide personalized service.

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