Impact & Commitments

Impact and Commitments

In more recent years, the company has focused its expertise on applying technology based solutions to social challenges including improving the quality and relevance of education, promoting knowledge sharing among civil society organizations, raising awareness on human rights and using online training solutions to update institutional partners’ skills. MTDS has demonstrated a unique expertise in applying the latest technology for civic education, youth empowerment and civil society strengthening.

Innovation and Connectivity

MTDS has been a pioneering force in bringing Internet access to Africa since the 90s, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to leveraging technology to bridge digital divides. By playing a crucial role in the inauguration of eight Internet Gateways in Sub-Saharan Africa, financed by the Leland Initiative, MTDS has not only contributed to transforming communications and economies across the continent but has also set a precedent for free market competition within the Internet services sector. This commitment underscores MTDS’s dedication to fostering an environment where technology serves as a catalyst for connectivity and economic growth.

Social Challenges through Technology

MTDS’s focus on applying technology-based solutions to social challenges marks a significant impact area for the company. By improving the quality and relevance of education, promoting knowledge sharing among civil society organizations, and raising awareness on human rights through innovative multimedia content, MTDS showcases its unique expertise in harnessing the power of Web and mobile applications for civic education, youth empowerment, and civil society strengthening. These initiatives not only contribute to societal advancement but also demonstrate how technology can be a force for good, addressing critical issues and enhancing the lives of individuals in communities around the developing world.

Excellence in Technical Services and Human Development

With a solid reputation for delivering first-class technical services that adhere to international norms and standards, MTDS has proven its ability to combine high-quality technology solutions with results-oriented human development and change management strategies. This dual approach ensures that their services not only meet the highest technical standards but also achieve meaningful, sustainable impacts by focusing on human development. Through participatory project planning techniques and partnerships with local organizations, MTDS creates and implements technology solutions that are keenly attuned to its partners’ needs and capacities, further emphasizing their commitment to collaborative, impactful work.

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