Internet in Morocco

LAN, WAN, and everything in between. Stay connected in Morocco with IT solutions customized for you. As the leading Internet service provider since 1993, we guarantee optimal connectivity. Our services include Peplink, telecommunications, VSAT, SD-WAN, VPN, IPv4 and IPv6, and an Exchange point IXP.

Discover the Power of Seamless Connectivity

In the dynamic landscape of Morocco’s economy, connectivity is the backbone of success. MTDS, the first Internet service provider in Morocco since 1993, is dedicated to ensuring your organization stays ahead, seamlessly connected, and resilient in the face of digital evolution. Our customers include businesses, government administrations, institutions, and individuals who depend on robust data networks and connectivity to the global community. Morocco is well connected to the Internet, with three licensed telecommunications operators each managing their own national and international networks, highlighting the country’s strong digital infrastructure.

Why Choose MTDS?

At MTDS, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive connectivity solutions for our clients’ varied needs. Serving everyone from large corporations to essential institutions, our services aim to boost online performance and support business growth in Morocco. Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • Custom Connectivity: With technologies like Fiber optic, ADSL, WiFi, and LTE, we tailor connectivity solutions to fit your business’s unique needs
  • Exceptional Service: At MTDS, we prioritize exceptional customer service over a monopolistic approach, focusing on your success, flexibility, reliability, and partnership
  • Strong Infrastructure: Leveraging networks from Morocco’s top telecom operators, MTDS offers reliable access to the country’s robust internet infrastructure.
  • Clear and Flexible Billing: MTDS values transparency. Expect straightforward billing, adjustable plans for your usage, and cost-effective financial options.
  • Expert Support and SLAs: Our dedicated team and clear SLAs ensure a high level of service and support, setting new standards in the industry.

Our Offerings

At MTDS, we’re committed to providing top-notch connectivity solutions that cater to all your needs. Here’s what we offer:

  • Peplink and Telcos Solutions: High-quality equipment and partnerships that ensure redundancy and reliability
  • VSAT Providers: Broad coverage that guarantees connectivity even in the most remote areas
  • SD-WAN and VPN Technologies: State-of-the-art security and network management tools
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support: Future-proof your connectivity with the latest Internet protocol technology
  • Exchange Point IXP Services: Improve your network performance by reducing latency and increasing speed

Offerings and services

Business ADSL

Reliable, fast internet tailored for businesses for seamless operations.

Business FTTH

Experience fast, reliable Fiber to the Home, tailored for business digital transformation.

DIA Business Fiber & Wireless

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers exclusive, uninterrupted high-speed connectivity.


Access top-quality equipment for optimal business performance

Support and Maintenance

24/7 comprehensive services to keep your systems efficient.

Installation and Setup

Expert installation and configuration with minimal disruption.

Product Monitoring

Proactive issue management with our monitoring services

Starlink (*)

High-speed internet in remote locations with our expert support.
*Starlink services are currently not approved for sale in Morocco by the ANRT.

Our Connectivity partners

By expanding our service offerings, we forge partnerships and strategic alliances with top-tier organizations worldwide. This collaborative approach enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions that address both our clients' business and IT challenges effectively.


You gave questions. We have answers

What types of internet connectivity solutions does MTDS provide?

MTDS offers a wide range of internet connectivity solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. This includes Fiber optic, ADSL, WiFi, LTE, and more. We work closely with our clients to identify the best solution based on their specific requirements.

How does MTDS ensure reliable service?

Our strong partnerships with Morocco’s top telecom operators, along with a robust infrastructure, enable us to offer reliable internet access across the country. We prioritize network stability and uptime, ensuring your business stays connected.

Can MTDS help my business with both IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes, MTDS supports both IPv4 and IPv6, allowing your business to future-proof its connectivity. We can assist in integrating the latest Internet protocol technology to ensure seamless and flexible internet access.

What kind of customer support can I expect from MTDS?

MTDS is committed to exceptional customer service. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries or issues you may encounter. We offer clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure high standards of service and support.

Are there flexible billing options available?

Yes, at MTDS, we value transparency and flexibility. Our billing is straightforward, with adjustable plans based on your usage and financial options that aim to be cost-effective for your business.

How does MTDS help in remote areas?

Through our partnerships with VSAT providers, MTDS guarantees connectivity even in the most remote areas. Our broad coverage ensures that your business can stay connected, regardless of location.

Join the Connectivity Revolution

Choose MTDS as your partner to lead in Morocco's digital landscape, ensuring reliable service, new connections, and future network expansion.