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Bitcoin – Clarifications

November 21, 2017
MTDS, a Moroccan SARL specializing in information technology, Internet, network security, and international development would like to clarify the statements made in the press recently about accepting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a "legal tender". MTDS has and always will comply with Moroccan regulations. MTDS does NOT and will NOT accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from Moroccan citizens until this is specifically allowed by Moroccan authorities. MTDS has never performed any cryptocurrency transactions. MTDS is exploring using the services of companies such as BitPay or CoinGate who serve as an intermediary between foreign customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency and vendors like ourselves who are not permitted to receive cryptocurrencies directly as a form of payment. The intermediary is in charge of receving the correct amount of cryptocurrency and forwarding the appropriate "fiat currency" (in this case the MAD) to the vendor.