About MTDS

MTDS is a technology solutions provider to individuals, businesses and institutions in Morocco and the developing world.

Supporting Transparency of Investment procedures

MTDS is supporting the Regional Investment Center of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, to research and upload comprehensive and up-to-date guidance on procedures for creating and expanding a business.

The information is disseminated via the web to national and international operators through a platform designed by UNCTAD. The platform aims to facilitate investment and to reinforce transparency by publishing step by step instructions on several investment procedures.

In addition to being able to download forms and relevant legal texts, platform users are able to access contact information and send an online requests for additional to the appropriate service. See: http://rabat.eregulations.org/

Shining a spotlight on the rights of persons with disabilities through communication, awareness raising and information sharing

Séminaire de clôture LEAD - Hammat, Tunis

In early December, MTDS participated in the closing workshop of the Leadership and Empowerment for Action on Disability (LEAD) project in Hammanmet, Tunisia. We were there to share insights on how to develop an effective communication strategy with civil society activists from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.   

MTDS was a partner of LEAD, a project of Handicap International funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).  

Through LEAD, civil society leaders identified gaps in legislation and national policies and  learned how to conduct effective advocacy to enhance the social, economic and political participation of 11 million disabled people in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.  For its part, MTDS developed a hub website to facilitate information sharing among activists in the Maghreb and supported an e learning program.


MTDS helps INTEL to promote innovation in Moroccan Universities

MTDS helps INTEL to promote innovation in Moroccan UniversitiesThe 2nd edition of Innovation Week (I-week)  took place from June 3-6 on the campus of ENSIAS in Rabat.

An initiative of Intel and ENSIAS and executed by MTDS, the program engaged students and professors from 6 universities in innovation in technology for business through a 3 month long competition, training of trainers and expert led workshops.

The highlight of the week was the announcement of the Morocco winners of Intel Business Challenge which was delivered by the Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea and the President of Mohamed V University in Rabat. 


MTDS and Handicap International Morocco launch Innovative E-learning Program

Sixty civil society activists from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are sharpening their advocacy skills by learning about how public policy is made in their countries. Their objective: strengthen national policies promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities. According to Léo GOUPIL-BARBIER, project manager of Leadership and Empowerment for Actions on Disability (LEAD), “We chose e-learning because it enables people with mobility challenges as well as those living in more remote geographic areas to participate in our training program.” Activists from the three countries are taking part in regular webinar sessions, downloading learning materials and sharing their work using an integrated solution developed by MTDS.  LEAD is funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The training was launched in October 2013. For more information, see http://www.maghrebhandicap.com/index.php/e-learning.

Women's rights in rural livelihoods

With MTDS support, USAID’s Morocco Economic Competitiveness Program created a short animated video to raise awareness about the significant contribution of Moroccan women in sustaining rural livelihoods. The animation promotes rural women’s right to participate in decision-making, get access to information, training, and credit and to receive their fair share of economic benefits. It is produced in Moroccan Arabic for use by civil society organizations and other defenders of gender equality in rural Morocco. The video is available here: http://youtu.be/SCzcWLoYpko

Khadamatfes.ma: Connects Citizens-in-Need with Social Service Providers in Fès

There is a surprisingly large number of both public and civil society –run social services available to help persons in need in the city of Fès. The challenge for many citizens is in finding out what these services are and how to reach them.  MTDS recently developed a web application that helps solve this problem. MTDS created an interactive database that allows users, which include both everyday citizens and social workers, to search for services by location, theme (ex. legal assistance,  health, and employment services) and  type of service. Khadamatfes.ma was launched in October 2012, by USAID Morocco through the SANAD Project.  The Moroccan association, Carrefour d'Initiatives de Communication, d'Information et de Documentation currently manages khadamatfes.ma and is ensuring that information about services is regularly updated.

Khaddouj Benkhadra Speaker in the Gender and Employability in the Arab World Symposium

MTDS ICT4D specialist, Khaddouj Benkhadra was a featured speaker in  the February 13th Youth, Gender and Employability in the Arab World Symposium held at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, University Mohammed V-Agdal. The event was organized by FHI 360, in collaboration with the University Mohammed V and with the financial support of the General Electric Foundation. Ms. Benkhadra presented the innovative youth employment portal www.moustaqbali.ma created by MTDS with funding from USAID Morocco in 2008. According Benkhadra, “Moustaqbail.ma capitalizes our youth’s love of the Internet to help them discover career options, identify training institutions, and find their first job.”  She adds, “The portal hosts many interactive and multimedia applications to boost youth employability in Morocco.” Since 2009 MTDS hosts and manages the portal as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

For more information about the symposium see: http://youthempowerment360.org/moustaqbali-ma-web-2-0-for-youth-employment/
You can watch the intervention via the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62gEZWm9_VA

MTDS helps Intel to Execute its Entrepreneurship Promotion Program in Morocco

Intel Corporation, drawing on its long tradition as global leader in innovation, recently launched a program to promote entrepreneurship in Morocco. In late September 2012, with implementation support from MTDS and in collaboration with Al Akhawayn University, Intel organized a 2 day workshop for a dozen university professors responsible for creating entrepreneurship development courses in their respective institutions, Mohammed V Souissi of Rabat and University Abdelmalek Essaâdi of Tanger-Tétouan. The training program is set to expand to include other institutions of higher education in the coming year. Intel also plans to offer its support for business plan competitions in Morocco to complement its existing global program, the Intel Global Challenge and the regional, Maghreb Start-up Initiative. Since 2009, MTDS has been contracted by Intel Corporation to support implementation of many of its corporate social responsibility programs in Morocco.  MTDS is the executing partner of many international and national aid organizations for programs that make innovative use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for economic and social development. For more information on this work, see http://www.mtds.com/en/ict4d.

Cisco Certifies MTDS "Specialist in Small Business IT Networks"

MTDS was certified  as a Specialist in Small Business IT Networks. MTDS has demonstrated again this year that it is qualified to support customers with Small Business Specialization in the Middle East and North Africa Region. With this certification we are able to address all Small to Medium businesses IT needs in terms of networking (wired and wireless), networks security, IP telephony, training and maintenance.

For more information contact : security@mtds.com

MTDS Inaugurates New Data Center: Extra Protection to Secure your Data

Fennich enjoying the new serversIn November 2012, MTDS inaugurated its newly renovated Data Center.  The new, more spacious center features several security enhancements including 24 hour video surveillance, biometric controlled locks, new smoke and flood detection systems as well as back-up cooling and electricity supply systems designed to maximize data protection. The MTDS Data Center contains the servers hosting its customers’ email data, websites, databases and web applications.  It is located in the MTDS Agdal office in the heart of Rabat.  According to Balobo Maiga, MTDS Information Systems Manager, “We know that keeping our clients’ data safe is a big responsibility. The new facilities allow us to meet international data center standards and complement our already rigorous server management and monitoring procedures.” 

NEW! E-learning Applications for building Moroccan NGO management capacity

MTDS, with support from Microsoft Morocco, recently put the final touches on two innovative e-learning tools to help improve Moroccan Association management and governance for the SANAD Project, USAID Morocco’s civil society capacity building program.  The Self-Evaluation Matrix (http://autoevaluation.tanmia.ma/) includes a series of short questionnaires designed to help non-profit organizations identify management and governance practices that they can improve in order to become more effective. The tool also provides customized feedback and links to relevant online guides and handbooks. The Civil Society Organization toolkit (http://outilsasso.tanmia.ma/) is a collection of multimedia tutorials covering a variety of topics such as the legal framework for creating and operating an association in Morocco, record keeping, managing human resources, organizing meetings, creating a budget, and producing a financial report. The toolkit also includes downloadable templates, model reports, and simple accounting applications. Both tools are hosted on www.tanmia.ma

MTDS, Cisco Select Certified Partner in Menal

CISCO LogoMTDS has met again all the criteria to become a Cisco Select Certified Partner in Menal, as of 29 April 2011. MTDS has demonstrated that it is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in Menal. As a Select Certified Partner, we will participate in the Cisco Partner Development Funds (PDF), Cisco Opportunity Investment Program (OIP), have access to Cisco Partner Education Connection (PEC) and customer financing programs offered through Cisco Capital.In recognition of this achievement, Cisco will issue us with a Select Certified Partner certificate.

Prince Charles' Visits Morocco and meets MTDS

Prince CharlesOn Monday 4th April, MTDS attended the Human development, Youth and Social responsibility Initiatives conference at the National Library of Morocco in Rabat. After listening to some speakers giving exciting and motivating talks from such organisations as Youth Business International (one of the "Princes' Charities") and Unilever, we moved on to man our stand and provide information to the conference delegates on the work that MTDS does in the development sector and with the website Moustaqbali.ma.

USAID: a changing game!

"This agency is no longer satisfied with writing big checks to big contractors and calling it development." Those challenging words, spoken by Rajiv Shah, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), were just one part of his speech forging a new direction for an agency that has been in the backwater of U.S. foreign cooperation and security policies for years. As described in a recent Washington Post article, the focus will now be given to small business companies, as MTDS, that have been working in the field for many years and benefit from strong local roots.

Site Launch: Center for Cross Cultural Learning

CCCL is online. Created by the MTDS team, the Center for Cross Cultural Learning (CCCL) website highlights its activities, and strengthens the Center's relationship with its members. 


MTDS is committed to providing ICT support in the educational field. Our ICT & Education expert is Sandy Wark. Sandy has an extensive background working with technololgy and education in the developing world.  She is particularly interested in using ICT to enhance the quality of education. Sandy worked for more than 4 years within the ALEF Project/USAID. She led many reflections on the Moroccan educational reform. Today, she shares with us her field experience and her recommendations for a better use of ICT in a classroom.

MTDS launches new messaging platform

Since 1993, MTDS has always come out with new services in order to satisfy its customers. Today, we are very happy to announce the launch of our new messaging solution that will bring you a more modern, secure, and intuitive email experience.

We will proceed to the migration on Monday 17th May, 2010 at 10:30 p.m

This new solution will involve a minor change on the configuration of your email account. Indeed, the login will be the same as the email address. All the other parameters will remain the same.

For More information on this new solution, please visite the following link http://www.mtds.com/new-messaging-solution. You will receive another reminder before the migration. Our support team is at your disposal for any question by phone 0537278800 or by email support@mtds.com


Release of the new Domain.ma website

To start the New Year, and in response to your feedback, we are launching a new platform to manage your domain names at http://www.domain.ma friday 19th of february.

This new platform improves the ordering experience, increases security, adds additional Administration capabilities, and addresses suggestions from our Reseller partners.

Ordering. The new platform is built on a true e-commerce platform that allows you to easily order multiple domains and checkout once. You will have throughout your session the ability to add, delete, or edit your shopping cart before checkout.

Administration. Our new administration interface has several new features in response to your suggestions. Renew multiple domains in a single click, view domains that are due to expire, or use our new advanced search capabilities for multiple domains. Most importantly, updating your domains is much easier and intuitive.

Security. As a leading ISP and network security consultancy in Morocco, we have hardened our security behind the scenes and are up to date and exceed the industries best practices.

Resellers. We are pleased to announce the creation of a reseller status. Those who fulfill the conditions will find discounted prices and functionality that will allow you to increase your .MA business and margins.

MTDS knows that a website is only as good as the people managing it. As our customer you know that there are actually human beings working on making your .MA domains work and this will continue in parallel with the new and improved http://www.domain.ma website.

Have a look at our ICT4D activities!

MTDS is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a corporate network specialist. But we are also specialized in using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for development initiatives. We call it ICT for Development or ICT4D. Over the last 15 years, MTDS has contributed to innovative development projects in more than 20 countries across Africa and the Arab World.

More information on our ICT4D activities? Please visit our website or download our new ICT4D information brochure!

MTDS chosen to implement USAID initiative to strengthen Moroccan Civil Society

USAID’s SANAD project supports the efforts of civil society organizations in Morocco to identify and frame key issues, mobilize their membership for a cause and to engage in advocacy. Its objective is to enable Moroccan associations and citizen’s groups to engage in active dialogue with local and national authorities and in so doing, to become a force for positive and democratic change in the Kingdom. MTDS is implementing SANAD with Management Systems Incorporated (MSI) and is responsible for executing ICT and new media activities. Since its creation, MTDS has actively engaged in activities that employ technology to reinforce the capacity of Moroccan NGOs.

Network security

As an Internet service provider serving the needs of Morocco since 1995, MTDS has gained extensive experience in the field of network and information security. We put this experience to use serving Moroccan institutions and business as they modernize their operations and open up their communications networks to their partners and customers. As more and more critical business is done over the Internet and other mobile networks, network security has become one of the largest concerns of the business community. Alongside our in-house experience, MTDS has teamed with the biggest names in the network security field combining our local knowledge with that of the world’s leading network security technology providers.

.ma domain registration

Business is booming in Morocco and record numbers of companies are being created as the country embraces free trade.

If you are interested in protecting your intellectual property from competition, or extending your footprint, reserving your .ma domains can be done online, now, and securely through our specialized secure site domain.ma hosted in our data center and managed by the same people at MTDS.

We have thousands of .ma domains under management since 1995 when the domain came online. MTDS is a licensed and practicing Moroccan Internet Service Provider, a Local Internet Registry of Afrinic and the most experienced certified .ma domain registrar recognized by the Moroccan telecommunications authority, the ANRT.

Through our legal partners, we can also register your patents and trademarks with the Moroccan Office for Industrial and Commercial Property.

corporate networks

MTDS' corporate networking division designs, builds and maintains enterprise-class networks for leading companies and institutions in Morocco including financial and educational institutions, government offices, businesses, and non-profits.

Our clients benefit MTDS' day-to-day experience as a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Morocco and we build this intelligence into the networks we work on.  

Our experienced team of certified professionals are ready to pass along their first-hand, practical experience and breadth of knowledge to your organization.

Certified partnerships with the leading technology suppliers assures that we can give you up-to-date information, prices, and the best support.

A few of our areas of expertise include:

  • Network security
  • Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Gateway management
  • Routing and switching
  • Wireless solutions
  • Messaging systems
  • Corporate VPN construction and management
  • Network monitoring and maintenance

internet in morocco

MTDS is a full service value-added Internet Service Provider licensed by the Moroccan Telecommunications Regulator the ANRT and operating in Morocco since 1993. Our customers are companies, small businesses, associations and individuals who consider Internet communications an integral part of their businesses and lives. hey choose MTDS because of our extensive local experience, our quality of service, and our ability to deliver and maintain complete turn-key solutions.

We provide Internet connectivity solutions using ADSL broadband and dedicated leased line connections as well as legacy dial-up, ISDN, and VSAT connecttions.  Our Internet access solutions are available throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.

MTDS messaging solutions are protected by best-of-breed anti-virus and anti-spam technologies with the greatest care taken to keep your business information safe and available.

Dedicated machine, application, and web hosting are provided in our secure datacenter staffed by experienced engineers who take your calls and provide personalized service.

For more information about our Internet products and services see the links below or contact us directly.